Priamide Models – Communication equipments

No 1/35 scale modern radios are available in the market, therefore I decided to design the ones I needed for my models.
  • AN/PRC-150(C)
  • AN/PSC-5
  • AN/VRC-103 with AN/PRC-117
In addition to the radios I created the CREW Duke Counter IED System, a full set including the three components of the Duke V3 version:
– primary unit (the biggest box), known as CREW Duke V2
– secondary unit (the large and slim box) that feature advanced electronic warfare subsystems
– control unit (the smallest box)
Moreover the external Duke cage for the M-ATV and two types of Duke antenna.
And, as a perfect touch for your MRAPs or recent HMMWVs:
  • Harris antenna mounts
  • Egg-beater antenna
Other 3D designed items:
All the parts I design can be seen and purchased in my Priamide Models shop page in Shapeways.