Priamide Models – GMV and Dumvee Conversion Parts

GMV and HMMWV are the subjects I like the most for my models, there are plenty of variants that you can build.
If you want to build a Special Forces GMV there is no base kit available, therefore I usually stat from the Tamiya M1025 and add conversion kits (for example from Legend) and scratch built parts.
3D designing allows me to be less dependent on conversion kits by making the parts that I need to convert the base model to the one I want to replicate.
I have designed many parts for the GMV-S (based on a M1113 HMMWV):
  • rear bumper
  • roll-bar and cargo sides
  • armored doors
  • windshield armor
  • muffler anc catalytic converter
  • heater boot and ducts
I have also made the following components:
  • Ibis Tek cans and spare tire carrier
  • M2 mount for guntruck
Other 3D designed items:
All the parts I design can be seen and purchased in my Priamide Models shop page in Shapeways.