3D Printed Parts for Scale Models

July 2024 – breaking news: Shapeways filed for bankruptcy and stopped operations
While Shapeways website, where I was selling my 3D printed parts, is still live, it doesn’t accept new orders.
I’m working to indentify new 3D printing services; in the meantime, if you are interested in my parts and conversion sets, contact me using the form below.

In 2016 I approached 3D design and started producing 3D printed parts for my scale models to make up for what I couldn’t find in the market.
I then decided to make my products available to the scale modellers community.

In my shop page at Shapeways, under the name Priamide Models, you can find mainly 1/35 and 1/72 scale parts for modern US military vehicles, but also some 1/12, 1/16, 1/18, 1/48 and 1/87 scale items.
Therefore, if you are looking for that part that will complete your model and make it outstanding, have a look at my products. In case you don’t find what you are looking for, ask me; maybe it is already in my pipeline or I could make it for you.

Most of the items I design belongs to the following categories:

M-ATV spare tire hoist    Wunderbar (foldable tow bar)

  M-ATV SOCOM antenna mount

   3D printed parts - M1165 GMV conversion
IbisTek front bumper  GMV rear cargo plate
3D printed parts - Ibis Tek MASTC + ESC

Stryker MGS air-co unit  Stryker DVH-A1 front armor plate

Stryker SOCOM blast panels

3D design - CREW Duke Anti-IED System  3D design - Duke antenna tiltable

TAC Flir  Satellite antenna - Trivec Avant AV2091

I have also designed other miscellanea parts, for example Stinger cases, Javelin launchers, parts for Leopard tank.
You can see my complete production in Priamide Models page at Shapeways.

I’m also proud to share an excerpt of the review of my Harris Antenna Mounts published in Armorama.com (full review at this link).

Introduction: This will be a review of Priamide Models Harris 3D printed parts - Harris Antenna Mount RenderAntenna Mount which is a set of 4, 3d printed antennas used on HMMWVs and MRAPs which mount Harris radios. There are two antenna bases (mounts) which have a large, accordion section. These mounts are a tall mount bent at a 45 degree bend and a shorter mount bent at a 60 degree bend. There are also two mounts which have an adjustable, lockable folding section which are folded to 60 degrees and to 90 degrees. The 60 degree mount is taller than the 90 degree mount.
Conclusion: These antenna mounts are a welcome offering by Ettore Galasso and his Priamide Models. This set should be welcome by all who model any vehicle in use today in any of the varied theaters of conflict around the world. Highly recommended.
Pros: Great subject, fantastic detail, adaptable to many vehicles.
Cons: None.


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