My Scale Models: Evolution of an Hobby

Welcome to the Scale Model section of my website.
Here you can see my most recent production, the one that belongs to what I name the “US modern military vehicles” period and also a few samples of models I built in previous period of my scale modelling hobby.
I’m a scale modeler since I was twelve years old. I started assembling racing motorcycles in 1/12 scale; then I shifted to Formula One cars and, after a few years of pause, I began the “modern military aircrafts and helicopters” period that lasted for several years. After aircrafts I had a quick flirt with rally cars and then with Moto GP motorcycles; finally I entered into the current “modern military vehicles” period.
If you are interested in my models, browse the list you see on the right.

In 2016 I approached 3D design and printing to make parts or add-ons for my models that I couldn’t find in theHarris Antenna Mount Render market. I then decided to make my products available to the scale modellers community through my shop Priamide Models at
If you are you looking for that part that will complete your model and make it outstanding you should have a look at my parts and, in case you don’t find what you are looking for, ask me; maybe it’s already in my pipeline or I could make it for you.

Last completed model

The last model that I have completed is a M1245 Special Forces M-ATV based on the RyeField M1240A1 (RFM 5032), converted into the Special Foces variant using many 3D printed parts that I have designed. These parts are available at my shop page, under the name Priamide Models, at Shapeways.

For more pictures and details about how I converted a RyeField M1240A1 into an M1245 Special Forces M-ATV click here.

On my workbench

At the moment I’m building a Special Forces Tacoma based on the “Pick Up” model by Meng (kit VS-002). The pick-up will be part of a diorama, with an Italeri container and figures and accessories from various sources.

In pipeline

After the diorama is completed I will probably build another GMV, a M1165 Marines GMV. I have already in my stock turret and machine guns by Live Resin that I can use. The M1151 by Academy will be the base to start from, with lot of conversion parts to be designed and 3D printed.

I’m also wondering about building an M1238A1, a Special Forces variant of a RG-33. This will be an almost pure scratch building project, so I’m very cautious about it.