M1165 Army GMV

How to convert an Academy M1151, 1/35 scale,
with Priamide Models 3D printed parts

The model is based on the M115 Academy kit (ACA13415).

I used the Acamedy chassis, doors and bonnet as a base and then I had to make a lot of new parts to replicate the Army GMV model I had in mind (see picture).

M1165 Army GMVI designed the following new parts and got them 3D printed by Shapeways:

All the above parts are now available for purchase in my Priamide Models shop page at Shapeways.

Third party add-ons used

Aside from the Academy kit and Priamide Models 3D printed parts, I have used the following add-ons:

  • DEF Model “HMMWV M1151 MT/R Sagged Wheel Set” (p/n DW35002A)
  • Legend “M240 Swing Arm Var. 2” (p/n LF3D015)
  • Live Resin “Save-a-Gunner Turret II” (p/n LRE-35316)
  • Live Resin “M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun” (p/n LRE-35051)
  • Samofalov “HMMWV front bumper” (p/n SPM-35-002 at shapeways.com
  • Mike’s MS Productions “AN/VRC-111 radio set” (p/n MSP35-073 at shapeways.com)
  • Eduard “M1151 EAC underbody protection FRAG2” (p/n 36211)
  • Live Resin “Scepter Fuel Canisters” (p/n LRE-35155)
  • Live Resin “Scepter Water Canisters (p/n LRE-35156)

I start with pictures of the completed model, the I will go into details of the most relevant construction steps.


History of Construction

In the following, a few highlights of the construction steps of this M1165 Army GMV.

Side armours

In the M1151 Academy kit side armour are not correct for an M1165 GMV; I designed new side armours, printed them at Shapeways and then glued to the Academy chassis.

M1165 Army GMV - side armour

M1165 Army GMV - side armour

The hole you see in the rear right side has been made to accomodate the cap of the second fuel tank that is present in this GMV vehicle (I added the cap at a later stage).

Rear bumper

I then added the rear bumper, also 3D designed by me.

M1165 Army GMV - rear bumper

M1165 Army GMV - rear bumper by Priamide Models


M1165 GMVs have different doors from the ones in the Academy kit.
As far as I understood searching the web, they are called Standard Threat Doors.
Here is how I converted the M1151 doors, using “old-style” modelling techniques (plasticard, cutting, sanding) combined with 3D designing and printing.

I did the following:
– reshape the profile of the rear doors (in the picture, see the difference of the modified door, on the right, from the original, on the left)
– reshape the profile of the front doors (in the picture, see the small white plasticard part added to the bottom of the door on the right)
– remove from the doors the horizontal strip below the window
– fill the six holes for the pins supporting the window frame (they are in the wrong position)

M1165 Army GMV - rear doorsM1165 Army GMV - front doors 

Then I added the 3D designed window frames.

M1165 Army GMV - doors


The M1165 windshield is not the same as the one in the M1151; I therefore designed a new windshield that I adapted to the windshield base of the Academy model.

M1165 Army GMV - windshield  M1165 Army GMV - windshield

M1165 Army GMV - windshield

I also designed the side brackets for mirrors, again different than in the M1151.

M1165 Army GMV - windshield

Pioneer toolkit

In M1165 GMVs, pioneer toolkit is custom designed and placed on the bonnet; I designed and 3D printed it. 

M1165 Army GMV - pioneer toolkit

Passenger compartment rear wall

this part was 3D designed and printed as well; it includes a backdoor that can be set open or closed.

M1165 Army GMV - passenger compartment wall

M1165 Army GMV - passenger compartment wall

Cargo walls

This was the most complex part of the conversion job. I spent many hours designing details of cargo walls and doors but I believe the result was worth the effort. Give me a feedback, your opinion would be very important for me.

M1165 Army GMV - cargo walls

M1165 Army GMV - cargo walls

At this stage I also added handrails to the roof, front bumper and cap of the second fuel tank.

M1165 Army GMV M1165 Army GMV - cap of second fuel tank

Turret and machine guns

Finally it was time to add turret and machine guns.

I used Live Resin and Legend parts, both are very well detailed and a perfect fit for my model; I strongly suggest them.

M1165 Army GMV - turret and weapons

Final details

In a final effort, I also designed and 3D printed other custom parts for the M1165 GMV: spare tire mount, ammo can holders, rear swinging antenna bases, Trivec Avant satellite antenna, VHF and BFT front antenna mounts.

M1165 Army GMV - spare tire mount M1165 Army GMV - ammo can holders

M1165 Army GMV - rear antenna mount M1165 Army GMV - Trivec satellite antenna

M1165 Army GMV - VHF and BFT antennas

I also added the two A/C (Air Conditioner) covers inside the rear wheel arches.

I also replaced the muffler of the Academy kit because it is not the one used in HMMWVs from M1113 onwards. The correct one has a shorter muffler and a catalytic converter.

M1165 Army GMV - A/C covers M1165 Army GMV - muffler and catalytic converter


Model completed in October 2020