Special Forces Dumvee

Tamiya M1025 with Legend “Special Forces GMV Conversion Set”, 1/35 scale

This is another HMMWV in my collection, a US Special Forces Dumvee used during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).
It is based on the Tamiya M1025, ugraded with Legend “Special Forces GMV Conversion Set” (LF1212).
To complete the model I used:
Live Resin kits: M240B (LRE 35018), M240H (LRE 35149), Blue Force Tracker antenna with base matching unit (LRE 35160), US Army scope set 3 (LRE 35028)
– Pro Art Models “US special forces vehicle communication set” (PAU 35-049)
– DEF Model “Modern U.S Portable Cooler (DM35013)
– DEF Model “Modern Military Tactical Case” (DM35019)

Wheathering has been done using AK Interactive enamels “OIF&OEF Wash”and “OIF&OEF Streaking Effects”.

Model completed in January 2015.