Special Forces ATV

US Special Forces Polaris ATV

This model is a US Special Forces ATV inspired by a picture that I’ve seen time ago in www.armorama.com

US Special Forces ATV with Mk 47 grenade launcher

It is based on a Britains 1:32 scale Polaris Magnum 500 ATV, largely modified; it includes a Mk47 by Live Resin.
Below the model pictures there is a construction history.

Construction history

When I began searching the web for a Sportsman MV700 model in 1/35 scale with my big disappointment I discovered that no such model was available.
Moreover, the only Polaris model that was somehow similar was in 1/32 scale and it needed a lot of adjustments to resemble the Sportsman MV.
Despite an initial discomfort I decided to proceed anyway.
I purchased a Britains 1:32 Scale Polaris Magnum 500 ATV and started the work.


The 1/32 scale of the model is not a big issue because, as you can see from this picture published in Armorama by Mick http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=201711&page=1 the Magnum 500 is smaller than the Sportsman MV700, so the larger scale compensate for the difference in the real size.

US Special Forces ATV Polaris Magnum 500 and Polaris Sportsman MV

This is my model after a lot of dismantling (thanks to my Dremel for having made this easy enough to achieve) and some additions to the fenders made with plasticard, putty and Milliput.

US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress phase 1 US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress phase 1

Some important steps forward: front and rear racks.
A lot more work to do, but the model is taking a new shape.

US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress phase 2 US Special Forces ATV - Work in Prgoress phase 2

US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress phase 2

Construction of the ATV is almost completed (still missing the gear shift lever and some painting).
Now I’m going to assemble the MK47, obviously using the Live Resin kit.
Weathering and two figures (driver and sniper) will follow.

US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress final phase US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress final phase

US Special Forces ATV - Work in Progress final phase

Since I didn’t found pictures showing how the MK47 is attached onto the front deck, I made my guess (see drawing below).
A plate (blue color) fixed to the deck with four bolts (red color) with the gun column (yellow color) welded to the plate with four small brackets (green color).
When I actually mounted the gun on the plate I didn’t use the brackets (green parts); instead I inserted the yellow column in a larger column attached to the plate.


The Live Resin Mk47 is a superb kit, with very sharp details and easy to assemble.
Here you can find a thorough review of the kit by Mario Matijasic.
I completed the Mk47 adding wires, using as a reference this thread in Armorama.

For the figures I’ve used spare parts from Dragon and Verlinden kits.
The Barret rifle is from an M998 IED Gun Truck Academy kit.
The tactical case in the front deck is by DEF Model.
Wheathering done using AK Interactive “OIF & OEF Wash”and “OIF & OEF Streaking Effects”.

Model completed in February 2014.

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